Residential Carpet Cleaning

We go to great lengths to ensure that we give your carpet the most thorough cleaning that it has ever received. We use a 5-step process, as outlined by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), to help ensure maximum soil removal and efficient drying.


Pre Vacuum

Did you know that almost 75% of soil in carpet is known as “dry soil”? Dry soil is any loose dust or skin cells that have accumulated in the pile of the carpet. We perform a thorough pre vacuuming to help remove as much of this as possible before cleaning, to ensure maximum soil removal as the cleaning process continues.

Pre Treatment

After vacuuming, we use a pre-spray on each area to help suspend the soil that still remains in the carpet. This helps to suspend the soil at the tips of the carpet, and readies the carpet for the cleaning process.

Hot Water Extraction

After pre vacuuming and pre treatment, we begin the process of removing the rest of the soil from your carpet. We accomplish this through hot water extraction, the method most highly recommended by the nation’s leader in carpet manufacturing, Shaw Floors. Our water is heated between 220-240 degrees, which reduces the surface tension of the fibers, allowing for maximum soil removal. In the same process, high vacuum power is used to ensure maximum moisture removal, leaving the carpet only damp (not soaking wet!). We also provide additional dry vacuum passes to ensure that your carpet is as dry as possible.



Grooming is done after the carpet has been cleaned and the Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector (compare to Scotchgard) has been applied. This helps to lift the nap of the carpet, spread the protector evenly, and provides for more efficient dry time.


While we are working in your home, we will have commercial floor fans blowing to speed up the dry time of the carpet. Your carpet should be completely dry and ready for use within 4-8 hours of us being finished (maximum of 12 hours). We will also leave shoe covers for you to wear on your feet while the drying process is occurring!

We want to ensure that you, the customer, are not only receiving high-quality workmanship, but outstanding customer service from each one of our technicians. Let us help you restore your carpet and fine furnishings to a wonderful looking condition TODAY! From all of us here at Duncan & Sons’, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

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