Rise of the machines

As soon as we moved from an agrarian economy to an industrialized one, it became inevitable…robots. Skynet references aside, we have been benefitting from machines and their natural evolution for hundreds of years. Machines have made huge inroads into each and every aspect of our personal and work lives. In our homes, machines and their […]

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Company Culture

There is a lot of messaging out there about Company Culture. Every company has one, whether they are deliberate in establishing a healthy growing culture or not.  Like their biologic cousins, Company Cultures are alive and growing, depending on what you feed them.  Healthy, vibrant cultures grow healthy vibrant companies. A Culture where everyone matters […]

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End of the Year Reflections

Merry Christmas! As the year turns over. We take a moment to reflect over 2021 before we launch into 2022. We are so very thankful for our Frontline Staff (the very definition of essential workers) and it’s support Staff in the central office. Our suppliers, who we consider strategic partners, for keeping those supply networks […]

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ES·SEN·TIAL: /əˈsen(t)SHəl/ – absolutely necessary; extremely important. The Pandemic has redefined what essential really means. Jobs you might expect, Police, Fire Fighters, and Health Care Workers are now joined by Delivery Drivers, Grocers and Cleaners. Essential, on the front line, doing what needs to be done. Our staff didn’t miss a day during lock down!  In fact […]

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Question: Innovate or Moderate? Answer: Yes

Constantly advancing technology, new products, best practices evolving constantly all band together to ensure your company has so many choices to consider.  What really makes the difference, how do you choose? For us, it’s our TEAM, always.  Training our TEAM to make the most of the industry advances ensures our company success, literally as our […]

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Is Cheaper Better?

People are always looking for the best deal. Whenever the Sunday newspaper comes out, many people cruise straight to the advertisements to see which items are on sale for the upcoming week at the grocery store. The “Black Friday” mayhem is all about the best deals on technology and appliances (and boy, what people will […]

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Welcome to Duncan & Sons’

We thank you for your interest in Duncan & Sons’ Building Maintenance, Inc! We have been serving the Greater Knoxville area since 1989 with high-quality commercial janitorial services, carpet & upholstery cleaning, hard surface floor care, 24-hour emergency water damage restoration, and many other areas to help keep your home and place of business in […]

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