/əˈsen(t)SHəl/ – absolutely necessary; extremely important.

The Pandemic has redefined what essential really means. Jobs you might expect, Police, Fire Fighters, and Health Care Workers are now joined by Delivery Drivers, Grocers and Cleaners.

Essential, on the front line, doing what needs to be done. Our staff didn’t miss a day during lock down!  In fact disinfecting and cleaning has become the bedrock of businesses opening and staying open.  Our Team made up of Frontline Cleaners, Frontline Supervisors and Frontline Managers all operate at those standards necessary to reopening. Connecting cleaning and surface disinfecting and the impact to our health.  In other words…it can’t just look clean.

Our founder, Gary Duncan, established a standard that we often refer to around here. That standard, applied with todays cleaning materials, systems, supplies and tools has resulted in our being recognized Cityview Magazines Best of the Best Award. And not just for 2021…but for the last four consecutive years, 2018, 2019, 2020, and now 2021.

Our Frontline Cleaners are Professionals. Experienced, responsible, and efficient, our Frontline Staff moves through our Client’s buildings ensuring they can focus on their business and not have to be concerned with cleaning their facility. Shared space cleaning, high touch points, floor mopping, hard surface dusting, carpet vacuuming, to name a few, decreasing the risk of transmission of germs and being infected. Seasonal illness normally seen this time of year, colds and flu, on top of the Pandemic make these measures more critical.

Covid-19 and it’s variants, are here.  The cost to many families have been the ultimate loss. Hopefully the lessons learned have prepared us for the world that includes infectious diseases like COVID. Lessons that can help us be better prepared as we navigate this “new normal”.

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