End of the Year Reflections

Merry Christmas!

As the year turns over. We take a moment to reflect over 2021 before we launch into 2022. We are so very thankful for our Frontline Staff (the very definition of essential workers) and it’s support Staff in the central office. Our suppliers, who we consider strategic partners, for keeping those supply networks going.  And for our Clients who it is our pleasure to serve.

Our Staff have truly risen to the challenges of 2021. As cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting have entered every day conversations our industry has become more essential.

Suppliers too have risen to the challenge to sourcing that 2021 revealed . Imagine the logistical nightmare that industry has had to face this year. Manufacturers producing a fraction of supplies our industry depends on.  Images of ships at sea unable to unload what supplies they were able to make. Trucks parked with no one to drive them. Yet somehow, they managed to keep them flowing.

And our Clients, who we have built relationships with,  understanding what climate we’re all living in right now. Staying in touch, calling out success stories to our Team that we can all celebrate.

Hindsight provides the perspective for all of the celebrations and set backs for the year. Set backs came in all shapes and sizes as they are likely to do.

You know what they say “most experience comes from overcoming adversity”.  Around here it’s known as “failing forward”.  Fortunately our Team Responds to set backs rather than react to them.  And there is a difference.  Think of your body responding to medicine, now think about your body reacting to that medicine. One is good, the other…not so much. Knowing that a measured response is needed comes from experience (see above for how to gain experience).

Now we had plenty to celebrate too. Little daily celebrations…big Holy Cow Celebrations and everything in between.  And celebrate we did. For a bit, then we got back to work.

Over all there were more celebrations than set backs, and that’s all a person (or company) can ask for.

We look forward to 2022 and all of the opportunities afforded to us. There will be new Staff to hire/train, products/services to test, and Clients to serve. We can’t wait!

Happy New Year!

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