Question: Innovate or Moderate? Answer: Yes

Constantly advancing technology, new products, best practices evolving constantly all band together to ensure your company has so many choices to consider.  What really makes the difference, how do you choose? For us, it’s our TEAM, always.  Training our TEAM to make the most of the industry advances ensures our company success, literally as our TEAM members’ advance individually. This opens doors to more opportunities for their success and thereby our Company’s success. Innovation can look like the next shiny thing. Let’s face it, your company isn’t the only one with a marketing department. However, for us, looking at innovation from a TEAM perspective, produces the tendency to be moderate.  And Moderation leads to sustainable growth, repeatable growth. Because growth that is non-sustainable isn’t real growth.

One of our Suppliers, SC Johnson Professional has a product that is a great example of this. Their innovation has enabled our TEAM to be more productive and effective at the same time!  So your thinking “it’s a spray bottle“…not just any old spray bottle but SC Johnson Professional® TruShot 2.0® Mobile Dispensing System. This allows our frontline cleaners to keep moving by mixing the proper amount of solution to a variety of surfaces.  And the solutions are interchangeable. Allowing our Staff to contend with mixed surfaces without the back and forth of changing containers. This is a huge time saver for someone cleaning multiple surfaces in multiple rooms, the very definition of efficiency.  Any product, or process that can advance efficiency of our Staff gives us opportunity to recognize accomplishments, a Win/Win. Our founder, Gary Duncan, believes the way to build a business is to build your TEAM

Because, “we don’t cut corners…we clean them“!


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