Company Culture

There is a lot of messaging out there about Company Culture. Every company has one, whether they are deliberate in establishing a healthy growing culture or not.  Like their biologic cousins, Company Cultures are alive and growing, depending on what you feed them.  Healthy, vibrant cultures grow healthy vibrant companies. A Culture where everyone matters is how workers thrive, prosper, and flourish.

One of  Duncan & Sons’ founding principals in our Company Culture is establishing a reasonable amount of work for a reasonable amount of time. Simple right?  Another is that every other department in our company is a support mechanism for our Frontline, every one. These principals are fundamental to our Culture.  33 years ago, when we began, a company’s Mission Statement wasn’t really well known in the world nor was there a defined Company Culture focus. And there certainly weren’t any digital platforms to communicate them. It was simply known as “good business“. Still is.

Since then we have Established our Vision and Mission Statements.

Our Vision: We will be known as the most trusted and respected janitorial business in America.

Our Mission: We provide the cleanest buildings by being the most reliable, caring, and honest professionals.

Having  Vision and Mission, statements of purpose, declarations, are drivers of company culture. That’s just the beginning though. Along with those statements, action plans can be implemented (we call ours “24 Excellence Service Standards). Then everyone can have a clear understanding of the principals with which to make decisions that either solves problems or to move forward along the stated purpose of the Statement.

The pace of business is fast. That’s good though.  An energetic company is usually moving in the right direction. Each person having clear direction keeps companies on track.

So does Company Culture come first or their Mission Statement? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The speed of the Leader is the speed of the Team, an adage we’re all familiar with. So even before an “official” Mission Statement is written, Leadership can influence Company Culture. However, through a Mission Statement Leadership is declaring a direction, a focus if you will. So if you think about it, to define your Culture through the Mission statement there has to be the desire for Excellence in the first place. A willingness to put it out there. To have a standard with which you not only operate from but are held up to tells your Staff, Clients, and business community that your company is being deliberate about your Company Culture. And that is what sets companies apart.

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